The ElitePool Program

An exclusive business development & marketing networking group whose membership
consists of North America's online leading pool and spa dealers and vendors!

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Online Sales & Lead Generation

Most members report a 200% to 400% increase in leads!
Insuite suite is the leading online marketing and sales solution designed specifically
for the Pool and Spa Industry!

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Second to None Strategy & Capability

Leading online sales strategy programs and superior online customer services will set you far apart from your competition.

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Built and funded by the Member Community

Get access to many professional resources, solutions and community funded development. We make the unaffordable, very affordable for every Elite Pool Program Member!

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Stand out from your competitors

Only one pool/spa dealer member accepted per city, meaning only one leader per city!
This promotes a collaborative design where each members brightest ideas are shared with the group to contribute to everyone's future success

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Exclusive Technology
Competitive Advantage

Over $2 Million in the development of Online Sales & Marketing Automation and Client service applications only available to Elite Pool Program Dealers

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Pool and Spa
Business Automation

Lead Generation, Lead Management & Conversion and Lead Rentension. All the things you know you should be doing but don't have the time.

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The most advanced information network in the pool/spa industry

Exclusive technology that automates vendor content directly to dealers and vendors sites in real time. The industries first maintenance free website solution.

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Insite Suite for Pool and Spa dealers is the solution for what almost every pool and spa dealer faces. "LIMITED TIME, LIMITED IN-HOUSE TECHNICAL AND MARKETING RESOURCES AND RESTRICTED BUDGET"

Every Elite Pool Program dealer member replaces their typical non-functioning dealer website with a one of kind business management system that provides comprehensive industry specific strategy programs, business automation, interactive online customer services and industry leading lead generation and lead management programs. Abilities that make Elite Pool Program dealers the online pool and spa leaders in North America. Over 15 years and 2 million dollars has gone into ensuring Elite Pool Program dealers can’t be touched by their competitors.

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Pool / Spa Industry Leaders

The Elite Pool Program eliminates a restricted online ability to grow and manage your business. Learn how the Elite Pool Program Dealer network is WAY AHEAD of the industry curve. From the best lead generation programs, comprehensive sales strategies, leading online customer engagement and customer service tools to advanced business automation, Get access to the resources and ideas of a country wide pool and spa marketing network to fast track you right past your competitors.

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Stronger together than apart

Expertise Resources
50 heads are better than 1. YOU ARE NO LONGER ALONE IN A COMPETITIVE MARKET PLACE! Get access to the ideas and strategies of the entire group. As none of our members are in the same city, we are all allies and partners. Countless hours of brainstorming sessions take place with most of our members which transform many ideas into industry leading online solutions and solid sales and market strategies. The ideas of one can benefit and advance us all.

Shared Cost
The platforms and solutions for both strategic online marketing and sales as well as backend business process automation would never be affordable to develop by a single dealer. The more dealers we recruit to the Elite pool Program each year, the more financial resources we have to advance every dealer each year with new ideas, applications, concepts and new strategies keeping EPP dealers true online innovators in the pool and spa industry while at the same time without increased membership cost to our dealers.

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A dedicated team, working for you always! Constant Improvement on your business without increased costs.

ForInsite, who operates the Elite Pool Program, is a team of professional developers, designers and online marketing strategist who are working behind the scenes all the time to, innovate, advance and make you a better pool and spa dealer on a ongoing bases.  EPP dealers have a choice to also subscribe to Managed Services if they wish to meaning the EPP team not only helps you develop your season campaign strategy but also executes it for you. We manage everything for you, from monthly e-blast, monthly social media post, website promotion updates, home page drop ads, monthly coupons and more. All the things you should be doing but never have the time!

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