Program for Pool/Spa Vendors

The number one tool to aid buying decisions for a consumer today, hands down, is the internet. Having said that, the usual process a buyer goes through for most products bought through brick and mortar is to determine which products are available to them through their local dealers then to research those products to narrow down what they are going to buy.  Two sources are ALWAYS used by a consumer.

1) Consumer reviews

A vendors site is most is the most influential because that is where the product comes from, so a mickey mouse website that does not give a good first impression and looks like it was a DIY website builder, is probably losing a ton of sales without even realizing it. The vendors site is often the deciding factor for a buyer and whether or not the credibility is there. Over 23 years of experience has shown, it is not reality that sells, it is the perception of reality. You may have the best quality product in the industry, but if it is not perceived as the best, you have already lost. Brand recognition and quality impression is key to develop as a vendor!

The pool and spa industry, with the exception of some of the really big players that have poured tens of thousands into their online presence, is fairly behind when it comes to online marketing, sales strategy and branding. 
We want to work with our vendor partners to ensure that both the dealer and vendor level will leave an “WOW” online impact. Our pool and spa dealers are the online leaders in the country.  We want our vendor partners to leave that same impression of quality company, quality brand, quality product.  

“We have a 10 second window to make that impression”.

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