Membership Levels

Software only members
Software only members pay a monthly membership fee to receive the following:
  • The entire Insite Suite for Pool/Spa Dealers (Software as a Service- SaaS model)
    - Web power Box,
    - Pipeline,
    - ARM,
    - ACDC dealer account,
    - EPP community website design,
    - E-commerce website
    - Preconfigured content package

  • Standard Hosting Package - Website, Software and Database hosting
  • Sucuri WAF Account (Security Scanning)
  • One company email to use for software correspondence 

Software & Managed Services Members
Everything that a software only member receives plus we manage it all for you. It is far more than us just handing over the keys when it is all setup and ready to go,  We play a hands on role in your business as a partner with regards to your strategy and execution.  Click here to learn more about Managed Services  

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