Imagine when updating the products and marketing layers on your website, you automatically update all of your dealers websites at the same time.  Imagine having complete control over quality, accuracy and consistency not only on your own site but across an entire dealer network of websites. With ACDC that is exactly the empowerment we give you as a vendor. We have designed exclusive technology for vendors and dealers on the EPP network. 

I think many vendors would agree that most dealers do not to a great job of representing their vendors products or keeping that vendor marketing updated and current or consistent with your efforts.  With ACDC, your  discontinued products will disappear automatically and new ones simply appear by themselves on dozens of dealer websites across the country. 

ACDC is an online automated marketing and product content feed service for pool & spa dealers and vendors. The feed service client delivers distribution of quality vendor marketing presentations, product catalogs, consistent vendor branding and even full-blown maintenance free marketing applications directly to your dealers website in real time. Our dealers are the only ones in the industry that have maintenance free product catalogs, pool brands and online Spa Showrooms.

We partner with over 50 of the industries leading Vendor partners to bring our dealers the most extensive and comprehensive maintenance free online marketing solutions in the industry. A complete game changer for our dealers and our vendors.

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