Managed Services
Have your cake and eat it too!

Get the most our of your new online marketing and sales machine with Managed Services. Not only will you have the industry's leading online platform for pool and spa dealers, we will run it for you too!   With managed services, we do everything from consulting with you on your strategy,  design and execute your campaigns, constantly evolve your website abilties, drive your online marketing activities such as Social media post, email marketing, website maintenance, ondeck Organic SEO and more.   Essentially you just tell us what you need, provide approvals and we execute. A turn key hybrid solution of product and service! 

Why you should consider Manged Services?
Understanding the benefits!

  1. Although EPP software only members have good intentions to do all the online sales & marketing tasks using the platform they know they should be doing, once the busy season hits, they get busy and it never happens!

  2. Typically software only members online online content never changes as they just don't have the time.  As google rewards content relevancy and recency, this hurts the Search engine optimization of your site to be found in the search engines. Without ongoing activity, you will slide down the search results on important keywords and phrases.

  3. Without ongoing new online activity and strategy execution, your web presence quickly becomes outdated, stale and falls behind the competition.  Not a good first impression for online prospects!

  4. We handle the complexity part of technology.  Online is the new marketing and sales world which creates a whole new set of challenges. Let us worry about SSL certificates, hosting issues,  bugs,  online payment gateways and on and on.

  5. As a managed services member, we play a much more hands on role in your company as a partner, not just a product provider. This means we help you design strategy programs and just execute them.

  6. EPP members have a geographic exclusivity protection area with regards to Managed Services. As we are hands on in your business, it is a conflict of interest to provide Managed Services to another local competitor. Once a member becomes a MS member, we will not take another MS member in that space. Software only clients can upgrade to an MS member as long as there is no current MS member in that territory. If MS members suspend or cancel their MS membership, the territory becomes open again. This protection does not apply to software only members.  

  7. Managed Services members get a reduced hourly rate.
To protect our Managed Services members we do not display "the many" strategies and activities that we perform for Managed Services members.  We can provide that information about Managed Services on a personal one to one screen share demonstration.

Software only member vs. Software and Managed Services member

Software onlySoftware &  MS
Website (community EPP Design)
Ecommerce Website (optional if you want to do ecommerce)
Web Power Box
ACDC Account
Hosting / Database Account
Sucuri WAF Security
Software Upgrades
Domain name / DNS support
Website Maintenance
Setup, configure and populate content into new applications or program additions
(all members will get all new upgrades or software additions, however setup and deploying is not included for software only members)
Strategy Consulting
Promotional Artwork and Campaign development, execution and management
OnDeck Organic SEO Tasks
Winter Advancement Package
Website Updates / Implementation & Setup of new Apps,  strategies and content sections. Updates to Graphic Designs each season 
Geographic Protection (for managed services)
Reduced Hourly Rate
Priority service queue

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