MEMBER Program Benefits

Exclusive online technology platforms available only to Elite Pool Program Dealers!   Every EPP member replaces their typical non-functioning dealer website with a one of kind suite of tool-sets that provide comprehensive industry specific marketing and sales strategy programs, back end business automation, interactive customer value website applications and industry leading lead generation and lead management programs. Online abilities that make EPP members the online pool and spa leaders in North America.  

MEMBER COLLABORATION - Community program
50 heads are better than 1. Get access to the ideas and strategies of the entire group. As none of our members are in the same city, we are all allies and partners.  Countless hours of brainstorming sessions take place with most of our members which transform many ideas into industry leading online solutions and solid sales and market strategies. The ideas of one can benefit and advance us all. 

The platforms and solutions for both strategic online marketing and sales as well as backend business process automation would never be affordable to develop by a single dealer.  The more dealers we recruit to the Elite pool Program each year, the more financial resources we have to advance every dealer each year with new ideas, applications, concepts and new strategies keeping EPP dealers true online innovators in the pool and spa industry while at the same time without increased membership cost to our dealers.

By only having one dealer per city, all dealers act as allies and not competitors. Our members do not typically sell in each others’ spaces. No other dealer in your city will have the same benefits or advantages that you do!  

Access to professional team
EPP Dealer members have access to ForInsite,  a professional team of online marketing strategist, graphic designers, online software application engineers and website developers.  With over 22 years in the field,  our EPP dealers have a single source to help them manage:

  • Website development & maintenance
  • Custom application development
  • Graphic design needs
  • Hosting needs
  • Consulting services
  • Back end business process automation development
  • Print Ads
  • Digital Ads

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