What can the ARM do?

"Most dealers admit, they are not great at keeping close contact with their existing customers.

The Result - Customers walking into a competitors store."

Do you contact all your pool customers every year for Pool Openings and Closings? Do you check in on your customers water treatment products needs?  Do you do regular customer service followups and send thank yous?  If you are like most dealers, you probably don't because you are so busy with the next wave of customers being thrown at you.  The ARM is designed to manage this for you and queue your emails ready to go so you don't have to!

Campaign Builder
Build customized and scheduled email campaigns for In-ground Pool Customers, Above Ground Customers, Hot Tub Customers and Swim Spa Customers 

Campaign Items
Customize each and every message with customers name and what they purchased so it feels personalized and sincere

Customer Profiling
Profile a customer in ARM in under 10 seconds and let it do the rest. Keep in contact with your current customers so they remain "your customers"

Future Send Reporting
Easy to read dashboard that outlines all future sends. List Recipient email and name, sending date and campaign type

Easily adjust sending schedule for an customer profile.
Delete campaign items, force early sends or change sending date on specific campaign item. 

Preview all the emails on a customer profile so you can see exactly how each and every email will be sent out before it is actually sent

Email Throttling
Easily adjust how many emails you will allow in the sending queue per day for processing.

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